Friday, April 3, 2015

Track 2 Waiting on You featuing Lola de Hanna

Track 2
Waiting on You featuring Lola de Hanna

After “Natalie's Song” track 2 “Waiting on You” comes along and introduces you to the heavier side . This song is crafty composition that takes you off the beaten path to a world far from three chords and a I, IV, V progression. My classical and jazz training brought me to this path and it's what you'll hear throughout the album. In fact, the typical method of pop, rock song structure is far off my radar and it's a song structure I rarely use. The listener is also introduced to Lola de Hanna the vocalist and her unique ambient voice. We move from the acoustic airy sound of “Natalie's Song” to a gritty guitar and more aggressive flute. Lola's vocals add a bright pretty side of a darker sounding instrumentation. The lyrics were inspired by wandering thoughts in my head, I hear so many people say “Where have you been all my life?” They say this to “the one” when they find that special person. I know the feeling and I thought it would make a great song. It's about desperation, frustration, hope, loneliness, impatience... in other words the feeling of waiting for love, Waiting on You. Jeff Koval returns on guitar this time with a heavier gritty sound.

All the performers on the album were chosen carefully and they all bring a special sound and a special energy to the song they are performing on as they do to the group as a whole. This track you hear Lola for the first of four songs she appears on the album. When I first heard her sing I knew immediately I wanted to write songs for her to sing It is a majestic, mysterious, ambient voice that draws you in and it sounds a little different against a synth, acoustic guitar, or electric guitar. As I began to work with her it became clear she was more than a one dimensional singer. She has a vast, natural understanding of many different styles of music and a perfect fit me since I write in so many different styles and genres. She keeps up with every song without blinking. She has also appeared in my jazz group On Dante with amazing vocals on the track “Queen of Diamonds.” Even more plans are in the works for her to sing including some metal, deep house dance, blues, jazz, and more alternative rock. I'm know for my unique instrumentation and that extends to the voice . In one of the songs I'm writing for her to sing in the future she and the flute will talk back and forth with each other matching harmonies and rhythms. Stay tuned

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