Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Track 3 Rock Star

Track 3 Rock Star

With a title like “Rock Star” you'd think this song would be about partying and living the life of a rock star. Instead, it's a love song. It's got plenty of guitar and a trance style of vocals. If your girlfriend, wife , fiance is totally awesome then they are a rock star to you. That's really the simple message in this song . It has a wicked synth solo in it too.

The guitarist on this song and every song on the album is Jeff Koval. I chose him for his ability to adapt to my many changing styles from a deep bluesy feel of the solo in “I Should Have Loved You Better” to killer metal licks in “Full Moon” and the fuzzy chunk guitar and ambient feel in this song. Jeff and I go back to our high school days in band. He later went on to be the lead guitarist in The Fifth Wheel touring all over the country and producing two studio albums before become an engineer in Nashville working with the likes of Kenny Olsen (Kid Rock) and Hobo Jim and hundreds of other big name acts. He's engineered all of my album projects.

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