Saturday, April 25, 2015

Track 6 Hourglass

Track 6 Hourglass

After the metal sounds of Full Moon we slow it down and bring Lola back on vocals for and this song is a ambient feel fitting the mood of the subject of the song. The lyrics turn to a more serious tone also. The subject is what we all can't control... the passing of time. At one point in my life I had a serious illness and I was faced with a lot of questions like “have I done and said all I had to?” and “did I live the life I thought I should have?”. The lyrics were molded out of another poem I wrote about the frustration we all face with the passing of time. It's a dreamy song with the piano synth and guitar added to Lola's vocals that are naturally ambient. One thing I always write into the lyrics are to challenges all of us and this one is to evaluate your life and for you to make changes and do the things you want before it's too late. As for my illness I got a second chance but none of us knows when it will be over. Savor life

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