Sunday, December 8, 2013

My thoughts on Nelson Mandela, the greatest leader of our time.

As many are aware we lost the great leader and icon Nelson Mandela December 5th. He is the greatest leader of my lifetime and probably of the 20th century. Here are my thoughts as an author and songwriter about Mandela and modern day South Africa.

My greatest admiration of him was his ability to forgive his oppressors and move forward toward transforming South Africa from a dark segregated country to a united and growing prosperous country. That being said this nation still has its challenges with poverty and racism but it has made huge progress. "For to be free is not merely to cast off one's chains but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others" is what he said after being released from prison. He lived and ruled by those words. He led by example, something that is lost on many of our so called leaders today. It wasn’t enough for him to just have freedom but he also wanted his people to have prosperity. Africa is a continent stricken with poverty, and while not perfect, South Africa is a jewel of the continent. It has a vibrant music scene and all sectors of its economy are growing. It’s a market that I, as many other musicians, am enjoying success in.

South Africa has become a much different nation than the days Mandela was released from prison. Things had already begun to change but it was Mandela who really moved the country forward into its modern version. He brought oppressed blacks and the fearful whites, who believed they would lose everything, together. It was a struggle but the nation began to form a new path bringing different cultures together and forming unique ideas and the country transformed into a first world nation. The music scene is incredibly diverse and vibrant. Classical to heavy metal has filled the entire nation and western bands have flocked to this music rich nation. The movement has moved beyond South Africa to other African nations. Mandela loved music and knew of its power, he was a talented singer himself. During his imprisonment musicians from all over the world called for his release. It seems fitting that in his modern South Africa it has become such a great music scene welcoming artists from all over the world. There are rich roots of jazz and blues that come from Africa. Much of the jazz and blues from the 19th century until now have their roots from back in Africa. The blues scale came from that early music arriving in America with the slaves and made prominent in the 20th century in America. In South Africa the jazz and blues grew as it did in America with many protest songs written by prominent black jazz musicians in the 50s and 60s. Now jazz and the blues are very much alive and are enjoyed by both blacks and whites.

South Africa has affected  my song writing as well and the message of Mandela has found its way into my storytelling. The “Visitors From Yubarri” series is a story of how great thinkers who left the Earth return to bring the life they have had on Yubarri, a life of very different beings and cultures coming together in peace. They had a dream like Nelson Mandela of a new world free of corruption and a world with freedom for all. This may be fiction but I always believe if it can be dreamed then it can be done. Mandela brought people together. This is something as a writer and musician that I try to do and he is such a great inspiration leading not just a nation but the entire world and even artists like myself. In my story “A Modern Day Animal Farm Tale” one of my characters stands up to an oppressor and tells him that a great leader leads by excellent example. That is what Mandela did and his legacy shall always be with us even though he is now gone. Though he was put in prison for his comment that the was no peaceful end to oppression but the only way was violence, in the end it was his peaceful leadership that brought the country together and not violence. He proved that nonviolence can solve problems. A great example of this is when he came to cheer on the national rugby team, which was a prominently white sport. He did this because his country, made up of blacks and whites was more important, unity was more important.

South Africa is not perfect. There is still division, violence, and corruption as there is all over the world. Mandela once said, “I am not a saint, just a sinner who keeps trying.” Just like South Africa, just like me, just like you. A man who forgave after being oppressed his entire life, put into prison for 27 years, and treated horrible in prison only because of his political beliefs that all races should have an equal chance. His legacy makes us believe we can make this world a better place. It is a lofty dream and one that we will probably not see in our lifetime, but we must put forth the effort. Let us not simple talk about it, let’s do it as he did. There is more hot air than ever in a world with incredible capabilities in communication so let us use this power to change our world for the better. Most of all let us give thanks for Mandela’s life and the leadership he brought us. I do not mourn him, but instead thank God that he put him on this Earth to fight for, and inspire us all.

“Tread softly,
Breathe peacefully,
Laugh hysterically.”
Nelson Mandela

R.I.P. Nelson Mandela, may the light from your torch light our way for generations to come. God bless

Check out some of the music Mandela loved:

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

150th Anniversary of the Gettysburg Address

November 19th 2013 marks the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address. It has received much less fanfare than the 50th anniversary of Kennedy's assassination but shouldn't. The words Lincoln spoke that day still ring true to this day and the United States has yet to live up to the promise made the day it was created in 1776. In fact these days we are moving farther away from that promise. Today I'm posting my poem to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the battle of Gettysburg.

Gettysburg 150th

Lincoln said, “My fellow citizens we cannot escape history”
Indeed, it echoes as loud as the cannons did on that day 150 years ago
and we cannot escape it's horrors, we cannot hold our ears to the screams nor can we hold our hands over our eyes to hide these blood-soaked fields
for if we do we will not learn its lessons, we as a civilization will never grow and we as individuals will never grow
If you listen to these winds that blow across time they will tell us of the failure of tyranny and the precious nature of freedom
They echo across these hills of Pennsylvania, to the mountains in Bavaria, to Hiroshima
they echo in the words of Dr Martin Luther King, to the jungles of Vietnam to the mountains of Afghanistan
we still have much to learn

We hide from the past but it echos as loud as those cannons did on that fateful day
We are reminded of our bitter past when Sherman lay Atlanta in ruins
twenty seven years later 300 Indians were massacred at Wounded Knee
During WWII Japanese Americans were put in camps even as their sons fought for America
The slaves may have been freed but were segregated
still treated as not a whole human being
Things have improved but... we still to this day do not know the full extent of freedom
we still have much to learn

The past will tell us of the enormous cost of war
it will tell us of the folly
The scars of destruction visible in photographs of the past
war takes away the most precious gift... life itself
we have a devalued view of this gift these days
there is no amount of gold that can buy it
war worst of all gives no value to this gift, just another body
we forget they had a mother and father, many were fathers themselves, they had a personality, they had dreams
we still have much to learn

Wars are not won
the books will tell us they are but what do the pictures tell us?
pictures of the soldiers as they lie lifeless on the fields
the mushroom clouds above Hiroshima and Nagasaki
the ones who lived but died years later of cancer
and the stains from these wars left on the soul our nation
We fought tyranny but did we really win, and at what cost?
We still have much to learn

Often there are days when I feel as if we are staring at the abyss
I want to give up
then I remember that God's time line is not ours
we are merely a speck, though a very important speck, on a very large time line that goes back millennium and will continue
Lincoln spoke of an eternal struggle of right and wrong good and evil
The war that is fought in each of our hearts
The choice is ours to choose
a life only to ourselves, wants and desires and forget about others
the choice is ours to choice tyranny or that of freedom
the choice is ours to choose violence or peace
Lincoln also said, “We hold the power and bear the responsibility”
We hold the responsibility and the power change the world is inside our hearts
when we seek truth, light, love and above all peace
We still have much to learn

Will the cannons ever be silenced?
I cannot answer that alone but I can do my part as can all of you
but I know deep in my heart they can
when we all learn that leadership is through example and not to control others
when we learn leadership is about serving the interest of others instead of your own
history teaches this as well
We must let go of the dogmas, we must let go of one-upsmanship, we must let go of our hatred
history tells us that peace really works that freedom really works
history tells us when we seek virtue it shows us the way
We still have much to learn

Only when the power of love is greater than the love of power will the world know peace
only then will it know true freedom
Lincoln spoke in this city of Gettysburg of a new birth of freedom and that a government by the people for the people shall not perish from this Earth
America isn't the land we stand on, it is not a land of kings, it is a land of an idea
an idea that you are free to pursue whatever life you wish as long as you do not harm others and you are responsible for your failures
America is the idea that we all have an equal chance to use our God given talents, America is about equality for all no matter rich or poor, no matter what race or gender, no matter what creed
We have yet to realize what America is and this day, 150 years after this battle, we are still far from realizing the dream of America
While other countries built their country around culture and language, America built its country on an idea
an idea that dared to say that everyone is created equal, and idea that we the should be no king no system of class
at times this seems impossible
at times it seems the darkness is too strong
at times it seems peace may not come in our lifetime
it may not, it may never come, but this does not mean that we should not strive to find it and fight every single day for it
We still have much to learn

They say poets, preachers, and politicians will all have their say
I am no preacher
I am sure not a politician
I am just a simple man, loosely called a poet, with a simple message
a reminder on this anniversary that we have still much to learn from these fateful days
Peace and freedom are our greatest treasures
I seek not approval but only that you take this message to your heart
take it, cradle it within your heart, for if we all do this then the world will finally realize this dream

The fiery trial in which we pass will light us down in honor or dishonor to the latest generation
We hold the power and bear the responsibility... the words of Lincoln

Finally let us remember the story of hope on the days after the battle when a former slave walked the fields giving water and food to injured soldiers from both sides, spending her life savings, and asking for nothing in return for this is what America is. America is not it's government We are not the sum of our military might. We are a nation of inventors, a nation of artists, we believe in justice and the rule of law. We are the compassion of neighbors serving each other. We are the peacemakers and blessed are the peacemakers. We have yet to live up to this meaning of America but let us never give up trying.
On this anniversary let us remember these horrors of our past and learn from them.

We still have much to learn

by Timothy House

Monday, November 18, 2013

Pieces of the Puzzle release

I’m excited to announce the long talked about story “Pieces of the Puzzle” is finally out. Throughout this week it will be available at several retailers as an ebook.  The book is a novella with 19,930 words and is a drama. ISBN: 9781311723499.

The story begins when the two main characters Sarah and Oliver are in college. Sarah aspires to be an opera singer while Oliver is finishing up Med school and moving on to a promising career in medicine. The couple parts ways as Ollie leaves Columbus for a new career in Chicago while Sarah heads to the bright lights of New York City. Sarah has a secret however, years later Sarah’s daughter is diagnosed with brain cancer and Ollie has now become one of the leading child oncologists in the nation. Her doctors in New York tell her she can’t be helped so Sarah takes her daughter west to Chicago to see Oliver. Oliver, who likes challenges, agrees to take on the case and at the same time feelings resurface for both of Sarah and Ollie. Sarah then lets him know that her daughter Christina is also his daughter. It then becomes a challenge to fight for Christina’s life and a struggle to become a family. The story is a heartwarming story of life’s struggles and a Christmas miracle. The entire family endures through many struggles and Sarah and Oliver learn the true meaning of love.

This story itself has a backstory. When I sent this to the publisher I fully expected a rejection letter. Most authors write the story and send the story to a publisher. I took a different approach sending the short story instead of the full novel (later made the decision to make it a novella) and a proposal of the full story. It worked and they agreed and also accepted my book of poetry titled “Definitions.” That was six years ago. “Definitions” was published and several other short stories and novellas were published since then. “Pieces of the Puzzle” was put on the back burner for long time as other ideas for stories kept coming to mind until Christmas time last year when I thought "it would be great to have this book done." So I began working on it again and finished it in January. I wasn’t happy with the story and it was put on the shelf again as I began writing and releasing the sequel to “Visitors from Yubarri.” That book was published in March and I turned my focus to marketing that book. As summer came along I took another look at the story and still wasn’t happy with it and again I had some other book ideas come to mind and I started researching them. Finally, as fall approached, I made the decision to release “Pieces of the Puzzle” so ending its six-year long journey. I made some changes and finally became satisfied with it.

I dedicated the book to Christina Green who was killed in a shooting in Arizona January 2011. I saw in this young girl a visionary and who would have made great contributions to the world had it not been for that horrible tragedy. She was given the role of a hero in this story.

I hope you’ll enjoy the book, it’s available at several retailers:



Barnes & Noble 


Sony Store



Thursday, April 18, 2013

New track

This has been a busy week musically. I have three Reverb Nation pages separating the different genres. Alternative rock, blues, and jazz. To add to that there is a new track completed "Waiting on You" featuring Lola de Hanna. Be sure to check out the new song
On Dante jazz

Monday, March 25, 2013

Latest update

Latest updates on the new release and some other things. First "Visitors From Yubarri II" is available at Kobo ebook stores and also at Barnes &Noble in ebook form. There are some more stores it will be available soon. Sci-Fi fans will love this book.

On a musical note the new music video for "Ol' Sweet Memphis" is finished and you can view it on MTV Ol' Sweet Memphis on MTV.

 You can watch it below also:

The video has some new photos around town.

I have almost finished the research phase for my next book, a crime novella (possible a novel), "Double Homicide." Next begin writing the book with a possible release this summer.

One last note I am writing a blog on CNN iReport. It's the same as my Dime For Your Thoughts column. Check it out here

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring, Where are You?

Hello first day of spring. Sure doesn't feel like it but then again I'm still spoiled from last year's nonexistent winter. Feeling a bit sarcastic today so here's a poem about the first day of spring. It sure doesn't feel like spring here. 

Not on this “first day of spring”
Old Man Winter is still king

The bells chime, the birds sing spring is near, spring is near
but the ever-present chill of Old Man Winter's breath is still here

The chill of the wild wind stinging me, chilling to the bone
I wish the old jerk would just leave me alone

That rodent lied
the early spring he promised denied

He told us early spring
that little jerk is probably snug in his hole laughing

And Old Man Winter isn't going away
his winds, ice, and snow are here to stay

At least for another few weeks, here to my dismay
even if the first day of spring is today

Have yet to see that lamb but I've seen plenty of lion
I'm ready for the 70's and endless sun

Ready for cherry blossoms and green leaves
so sick of the deep freeze

Not on this "first day of spring"
Old Man Winter is still king

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Setting for next story

I’ve decided the setting for the book I’m writing “Double Homicide.” It will be Andover, OH. It is in NE Ohio right on the PA border and just a few miles west of Lake Pymatuning. Just a quiet town with a downtown square that resembles a western frontier town, quiet until a body shows up in the woods by the lake.
The reasoning for my choosing of this particular town was a lot to do with the lake. It’s a laid-back place and quiet. It’s perfect small town America. A perfect place for former detective turned western writer to live and write and run away from his past as a homicide detective. A short-handed sheriff asked for his help in an investigation, which uncovers an evil plot of a serial killer, and corrupt officials. His future collides with his past in this crime thriller. 

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Links to purchase Visitors From Yubarri II

As I said in my last Post I would provide links to purchase Yubarri II. As of today the only stores that have it available are Amazon and Smashwords. As the book is available through other retailers I will update the links.

Smashwords         Barnes & Noble        Kobo books

Amazon Links:

Amazon USA          Amazon Canada          Amazon UK       

Amazon Germany          Amazon France         Amazon Brazil

Amazon Spain          Amazon Italy          Amazon Japan       

Happy reading all 

Friday, March 8, 2013

Book Launch and MTV

This weekend the greatly anticipated sequel to Visitors From Yubarri is here launching this weekend. It is a story about two worlds coming together to give Earth a chance for peace. It is a wild adventure through two galaxies and Earth's solar system. The story is the first new story in over a year and a half and almost two years since the last novella. The book will only be available in ebook form. It will be available at all major retailers and several indie book stores as well. Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Sony, Diesel, Baker & Taylor, Blio, Page Foundry, and many independent bookstores selling ebooks. 

Visitors From Yubarri synopsis:

Goyo and Robert have been on Yubarri for 40 years. After a dear Moai friend dies they long to return to their home world Earth. Earth has since become a planet ruled by a few who enslave the majority. After the war the people of Earth have chips implanted to be tracked and terminated. The Elites live in luxury while the people live in severe poverty with no rights or freedoms. Goyo and Robert wish to return to Earth to bring peace and prosperity with Yubarrian technology. They face resistance from the ruling class who have no intention of giving up power and attack the Yubarrians.

It is an adventure that transpires through galaxies and through several planets in our solar system before coming to Earth. The evil president of Earth president Menke plotting to destroy them every step of the way.

Published: March 07, 2013
Words: 28,338 (approximate)
Language: English
ISBN: 9781301166565

In other news Timothy House's music is now listed on MTV. I'm really excited about that since I grew up watching MTV and it's a dream come true to be listed on their web site. There are different pages for each genre. Check it out:

Timothy House (alternative rock)

Timothy House (Blues)

On Dante (jazz)

And last but not least for Lola de Hanna fans she has a new song out this week with Chordslinger n Lola called "Martin's Song." Another one of my songs that she is singing on will be finished soon so you'll be able to hear that one as well. It's a fun song which I'm also excited about releasing. Finally "Pieces of the Puzzle" is currently in editing and I hope to have that story completed soon and available to purchase. Stay tuned lots of cool stuff yet to come and the store links for Visitors From Yubarri II will be posted as soon as they are available.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Martin Luther King day message

Martin Luther King day message

Probably one of, if not the greatest, leaders in the history of the United States was and is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. You don’t have to be a president, king, or governor to be a leader. In fact some of those ‘leaders’ are not leaders at all and many of them brought the greatest evil in history of this world. A leader does so with their actions. Dr. King lead by example. “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate only love can do that.” This quote sums the life and message of Dr. King.

We hear and see a lot of postings of his quotes on this day but do we really take them to heart. Often I get chills reading some of these quotes. His message has sounded like an echo throughout our history and his message is as true as the day he said it. In the eyes of God we are equal. It’s not such an easy concept for our flawed human logic to grasp but it is true. We are all created equal and of free will. We as a human race ignore that simple truth day after day. When one stops and takes a deep thought about that we can understand that this is true but for selfish reasons ignore it. I pray for enlightenment today and everyday. We should use the wisdom of Dr. King to guide you as a leader, as a parent, as a boss… It is those who lead by example and not by an iron fist who will bring light into the world. With so much darkness it is often hard to see the light. “Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” You might think that you are just one person. “If I cannot do great things, I can do small things in a great way.”

Today as we honor Dr. King I believe if he were alive today he would not welcome being honored but instead ask that we all study his words, let them cycle within our hearts. Let them guide us to a path of enlightenment. “Almost always the creative dedicated minority y has made the world better.”

“I refuse to accept the view that mankind is so tragically bound to the starless midnight of racism and war that the bright daylight of peace and brotherhood can never become a reality…I believe that the unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word.”

Monday, January 14, 2013

My top books of 2012

The final books sales are in and the results are listed below. The Orwellian political thriller took the top spot for two years in a row with the romantic story of a man who couldn't shake the tropics after coming home from from vacation and turned it to a life philosophy taking second and the Gettysburg ghost story took third though The soldier's story wasn't far behind and so far after a couple of weeks in 2013 it has the lead though there's plenty of year left. It, along with the other books, will have two new comers to the list this year with "Pieces of the Puzzle," and the sequel to "Visitor's From Yubarri" coming this year. I am currently working on "Pieces of the Puzzle" which my fans have been patiently waiting for a long time. The wait will soon be over. More music coming soon and also currently working on a new song "Waiting on You" sung by Lola de Hanna. I'm hoping to have it done by the end of this week or next week.

1. A Modern Day Animal Farm Tale
2. Island Time
3. Tears of a Green Eyed Angel
4. A Soldier's Story
5. Love in The Big Apple
6. Whiskey on a Heartache
7. Visitor's From Yubarri
8. Love Notes
9. Old Man and the Moon
10. From My Heart to Yours

Saturday, January 5, 2013

New song and upcoming songs

An update on my musical endeavors. I just completed an alternative rock song called "Rock Star," now available for your listening pleasure on Reverb Nation. The song will be part of my rock album "Concrete Roses for Soft Hearts." This song won't be released as a single. The inspiration behind the song was pretty simple, every girl wants to be be their man's "rock star." What a perfect way to tell that special lady what she means to you... total rock star.

The next two songs in the works are also alternative songs with a blues piece in its beginning stages. The next song will be featuring Lola de Hanna (Chordslinger & Lola) on vocals again. She also sang on "Gray Tomorrow" and "Queen of Diamonds." This song is called "Waiting on You" and it's about waiting your whole life for that perfect person to come along. Lots of guitar, piano, and groovy flute solo cast behind Lola's seductive and mystical vocals. It's an upbeat song you can dance to.