Monday, November 18, 2013

Pieces of the Puzzle release

I’m excited to announce the long talked about story “Pieces of the Puzzle” is finally out. Throughout this week it will be available at several retailers as an ebook.  The book is a novella with 19,930 words and is a drama. ISBN: 9781311723499.

The story begins when the two main characters Sarah and Oliver are in college. Sarah aspires to be an opera singer while Oliver is finishing up Med school and moving on to a promising career in medicine. The couple parts ways as Ollie leaves Columbus for a new career in Chicago while Sarah heads to the bright lights of New York City. Sarah has a secret however, years later Sarah’s daughter is diagnosed with brain cancer and Ollie has now become one of the leading child oncologists in the nation. Her doctors in New York tell her she can’t be helped so Sarah takes her daughter west to Chicago to see Oliver. Oliver, who likes challenges, agrees to take on the case and at the same time feelings resurface for both of Sarah and Ollie. Sarah then lets him know that her daughter Christina is also his daughter. It then becomes a challenge to fight for Christina’s life and a struggle to become a family. The story is a heartwarming story of life’s struggles and a Christmas miracle. The entire family endures through many struggles and Sarah and Oliver learn the true meaning of love.

This story itself has a backstory. When I sent this to the publisher I fully expected a rejection letter. Most authors write the story and send the story to a publisher. I took a different approach sending the short story instead of the full novel (later made the decision to make it a novella) and a proposal of the full story. It worked and they agreed and also accepted my book of poetry titled “Definitions.” That was six years ago. “Definitions” was published and several other short stories and novellas were published since then. “Pieces of the Puzzle” was put on the back burner for long time as other ideas for stories kept coming to mind until Christmas time last year when I thought "it would be great to have this book done." So I began working on it again and finished it in January. I wasn’t happy with the story and it was put on the shelf again as I began writing and releasing the sequel to “Visitors from Yubarri.” That book was published in March and I turned my focus to marketing that book. As summer came along I took another look at the story and still wasn’t happy with it and again I had some other book ideas come to mind and I started researching them. Finally, as fall approached, I made the decision to release “Pieces of the Puzzle” so ending its six-year long journey. I made some changes and finally became satisfied with it.

I dedicated the book to Christina Green who was killed in a shooting in Arizona January 2011. I saw in this young girl a visionary and who would have made great contributions to the world had it not been for that horrible tragedy. She was given the role of a hero in this story.

I hope you’ll enjoy the book, it’s available at several retailers:



Barnes & Noble 


Sony Store



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