Love Waves

Love is like waves that beam across the air
waves that broadcast from near, and far to everywhere

magically, yet strange difficult to explain
complex, colorful, yet simple, plain

This beam comes in many shapes and forms, like different colors, red, green, and brown
it transforms to energy, when the right connection comes around

When the connection is made, and we touch
this electric flow between us

We can't explain we just know it's true
I can feel it as my heart is in sync with you

Love is so mysterious yet still it is so, desperately sought out
we search the world over, until it is found

Only the right wave can make us one, yet still two
compatible signals broadcast and received between me, and you

The Crystal Glass

I watch hopelessly as the glass falls away
just as my life, becomes filled with dismay

Crystal shines in brilliance, as it falls to the floor
shattered into a thousand pieces, to be used no more

I lean to pick up the pieces, as they cut into my flesh
flowing from me, the crimson regret

I weep now, for this was such a beautiful glass
I wished so much more of it, but it just didn't last

Just one small slip, not my plan
fallen from the grip of my hand

Scattered across the floor in destruction, no hope for repair
I will reach in the cupboard, for gifts often come in pairs

Loss may cause frustration, and pain
the greater treasure is to move forward, and begin again

It's so hard when your love is away
I crave her more each, and every day

There is so much to miss
every smile every kiss

Your calming voice your gentle touch
without you next to me I am so lost

I miss the words you speak to me
and the music that fills the air as you sing

As the stress sourounds me I find comfort with my arms around you
like the sun upon me as the day is anew

This pillow a poor substitute of your body
my dear you are so lovely

I dream about you every night, and throughout the day
I miss you with every thought, in every way

Yet absence makes the heart grow fonder
and you are always with me where ever I wander

A woman’s heart

A woman’s heart
A vast basin

As wide as the ocean
As deep as the heavens to the Earth

Only a man that is soft in heart, yet strong in character can fill her complex heart
I know this, because you have told me through your gaze

Your eyes upon me
They speak to me with no words

Your expressions tell me all
Your eyes alight, your smile, that of an angel

I realize now that I would be void without you
My guiding force

When I tell you I love you
I mean that I love all of you

Heart, soul, body, and mind
My lover, my friend, my woman

Empty Church

Here I sit on a lonely park bench
children playing birds singing sky blue
wondering why we have nothing left

Dreaming I remember all our plans
Oh how we were going to take on the world
together always arm in arm hand in hand

Magic fills the air through out the day
My glowing heart full of love
tears in my eyes as the organ plays

I can smile for a minuet as I dream away
yet I wonder if tomorrow will begin
I try to remind myself it will be Okay

Today was to be the day my bride and I would be wed
reality finally sets in
I'm left sitting in self pity instead

But I can no longer pretend
as I watch across the field at the empty church
and ponder how this beautiful love could end

Drowning in a pool of my own sorrow

Lost without you I weep
day and night even as I sleep

This pool made from my very own tears
grows deeper and deeper though the years

Why must you go away
I miss you so much I can't go on this way

So tonight alone I swim
torn apart within

floating with my broken heart
I never ask to play this part

The part of your fool
left alone to drown in this pool

Here I lay in a pool of my own sorrow
no hope to love again tomorrow

In the city by the mighty river

My tribute to Memphis TN a beautiful city

Down by the river with the lights shining down
enjoying a summer evening in a beautiful town

Crowds gather as music fills the air
pacing down the streets without a care

I've found a new love in a world of concrete and steel
and a cool little street the people there call Beale

The Peabody stands above the concert stage
boats glide down the mighty water way

Smoke rises off the grill from the BBQ
life seems so slow here where the Mississippi looms

My new love calls my name with a sax, and a bass
I can't wait till the day when I will revisit this place

Phoenix Rising

From these flames, once again shall I fly
to the clouds of the azure sky

Though I lie here in ashes, my life shall soon begin
to reign the skies above shall I again

Risen have I, from this darkened ash
to take my place, with the birds, free at last

My shadow cast down on your eyes
dancing with the clouds from my ashes I will rise

Seize the Day

The sun shines bright, and warmth fills the air
a gentle breeze flows through the air

I must live with passion for someday I'll be gone
just like the moon chases away the sun

Always see what's around you, the gifts that nature gives
find kindness and love through everyday you live

Cherish everyday as if it were your last
be kind and content, till the day you shall pass

Carpe Diem
from today till the end