Saturday, July 11, 2015

Poetry CD

Here's a list of poems that will be on my poetry CD. This isn't the order they will be but just the list for now. It is made of of poems from Innocence Lost, Apollo's Flame, and Infinity's Tomorrow. The goal is to have it completed by the end of September which is the five year anniversary of the publication of Apollo's Flame.

Hopeless (part 1)
Romantic (part2)
Impossible Heights
Open Mic Night
The Day Lucille Sat Still
Hospital Food
Innocence Lost*
15 Minutes 'til Midnight
Autumn Vista
That Cat Can Play
Island Time
Just A Kiss
Love Poem
Take Me Home*
Star Dust
Complaint Department*
Love Waves
The Lady and The Piano
Superman's on Roids
Pit in My Stomach
Subway of Dreams
Language of Love
A Greek Tragedy (Featuring Puma Perl)
Easy Like Sunday Morning
Lioness on the Prowl
Love Potion #9
Whitman Park
If She Only Knew
In The Pale Rusted Moonlight
Dear Muse (Featuring Puma Perl)
If She Only Knew
Mona Lisa
One Man's Trash
Love Waves

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Book of Short Stories

I've decided to do a book of short stories with a title of "Standing Still." Next year I'm planning on doing some storytelling festivals which I haven't done in a long time so some of the stories will be written for the festivals. I just finished writing a story that's been bouncing around my mind for a long time which is the first of many more to come. The stories will be in a number of different genres. No plan for release date as of yet I'll write the stories as they come and when I think there's enough to finish the book I'll finish it.