Monday, March 25, 2013

Latest update

Latest updates on the new release and some other things. First "Visitors From Yubarri II" is available at Kobo ebook stores and also at Barnes &Noble in ebook form. There are some more stores it will be available soon. Sci-Fi fans will love this book.

On a musical note the new music video for "Ol' Sweet Memphis" is finished and you can view it on MTV Ol' Sweet Memphis on MTV.

 You can watch it below also:

The video has some new photos around town.

I have almost finished the research phase for my next book, a crime novella (possible a novel), "Double Homicide." Next begin writing the book with a possible release this summer.

One last note I am writing a blog on CNN iReport. It's the same as my Dime For Your Thoughts column. Check it out here

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring, Where are You?

Hello first day of spring. Sure doesn't feel like it but then again I'm still spoiled from last year's nonexistent winter. Feeling a bit sarcastic today so here's a poem about the first day of spring. It sure doesn't feel like spring here. 

Not on this “first day of spring”
Old Man Winter is still king

The bells chime, the birds sing spring is near, spring is near
but the ever-present chill of Old Man Winter's breath is still here

The chill of the wild wind stinging me, chilling to the bone
I wish the old jerk would just leave me alone

That rodent lied
the early spring he promised denied

He told us early spring
that little jerk is probably snug in his hole laughing

And Old Man Winter isn't going away
his winds, ice, and snow are here to stay

At least for another few weeks, here to my dismay
even if the first day of spring is today

Have yet to see that lamb but I've seen plenty of lion
I'm ready for the 70's and endless sun

Ready for cherry blossoms and green leaves
so sick of the deep freeze

Not on this "first day of spring"
Old Man Winter is still king

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Setting for next story

I’ve decided the setting for the book I’m writing “Double Homicide.” It will be Andover, OH. It is in NE Ohio right on the PA border and just a few miles west of Lake Pymatuning. Just a quiet town with a downtown square that resembles a western frontier town, quiet until a body shows up in the woods by the lake.
The reasoning for my choosing of this particular town was a lot to do with the lake. It’s a laid-back place and quiet. It’s perfect small town America. A perfect place for former detective turned western writer to live and write and run away from his past as a homicide detective. A short-handed sheriff asked for his help in an investigation, which uncovers an evil plot of a serial killer, and corrupt officials. His future collides with his past in this crime thriller. 

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Links to purchase Visitors From Yubarri II

As I said in my last Post I would provide links to purchase Yubarri II. As of today the only stores that have it available are Amazon and Smashwords. As the book is available through other retailers I will update the links.

Smashwords         Barnes & Noble        Kobo books

Amazon Links:

Amazon USA          Amazon Canada          Amazon UK       

Amazon Germany          Amazon France         Amazon Brazil

Amazon Spain          Amazon Italy          Amazon Japan       

Happy reading all 

Friday, March 8, 2013

Book Launch and MTV

This weekend the greatly anticipated sequel to Visitors From Yubarri is here launching this weekend. It is a story about two worlds coming together to give Earth a chance for peace. It is a wild adventure through two galaxies and Earth's solar system. The story is the first new story in over a year and a half and almost two years since the last novella. The book will only be available in ebook form. It will be available at all major retailers and several indie book stores as well. Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Sony, Diesel, Baker & Taylor, Blio, Page Foundry, and many independent bookstores selling ebooks. 

Visitors From Yubarri synopsis:

Goyo and Robert have been on Yubarri for 40 years. After a dear Moai friend dies they long to return to their home world Earth. Earth has since become a planet ruled by a few who enslave the majority. After the war the people of Earth have chips implanted to be tracked and terminated. The Elites live in luxury while the people live in severe poverty with no rights or freedoms. Goyo and Robert wish to return to Earth to bring peace and prosperity with Yubarrian technology. They face resistance from the ruling class who have no intention of giving up power and attack the Yubarrians.

It is an adventure that transpires through galaxies and through several planets in our solar system before coming to Earth. The evil president of Earth president Menke plotting to destroy them every step of the way.

Published: March 07, 2013
Words: 28,338 (approximate)
Language: English
ISBN: 9781301166565

In other news Timothy House's music is now listed on MTV. I'm really excited about that since I grew up watching MTV and it's a dream come true to be listed on their web site. There are different pages for each genre. Check it out:

Timothy House (alternative rock)

Timothy House (Blues)

On Dante (jazz)

And last but not least for Lola de Hanna fans she has a new song out this week with Chordslinger n Lola called "Martin's Song." Another one of my songs that she is singing on will be finished soon so you'll be able to hear that one as well. It's a fun song which I'm also excited about releasing. Finally "Pieces of the Puzzle" is currently in editing and I hope to have that story completed soon and available to purchase. Stay tuned lots of cool stuff yet to come and the store links for Visitors From Yubarri II will be posted as soon as they are available.