Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring, Where are You?

Hello first day of spring. Sure doesn't feel like it but then again I'm still spoiled from last year's nonexistent winter. Feeling a bit sarcastic today so here's a poem about the first day of spring. It sure doesn't feel like spring here. 

Not on this “first day of spring”
Old Man Winter is still king

The bells chime, the birds sing spring is near, spring is near
but the ever-present chill of Old Man Winter's breath is still here

The chill of the wild wind stinging me, chilling to the bone
I wish the old jerk would just leave me alone

That rodent lied
the early spring he promised denied

He told us early spring
that little jerk is probably snug in his hole laughing

And Old Man Winter isn't going away
his winds, ice, and snow are here to stay

At least for another few weeks, here to my dismay
even if the first day of spring is today

Have yet to see that lamb but I've seen plenty of lion
I'm ready for the 70's and endless sun

Ready for cherry blossoms and green leaves
so sick of the deep freeze

Not on this "first day of spring"
Old Man Winter is still king

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