Monday, March 25, 2013

Latest update

Latest updates on the new release and some other things. First "Visitors From Yubarri II" is available at Kobo ebook stores and also at Barnes &Noble in ebook form. There are some more stores it will be available soon. Sci-Fi fans will love this book.

On a musical note the new music video for "Ol' Sweet Memphis" is finished and you can view it on MTV Ol' Sweet Memphis on MTV.

 You can watch it below also:

The video has some new photos around town.

I have almost finished the research phase for my next book, a crime novella (possible a novel), "Double Homicide." Next begin writing the book with a possible release this summer.

One last note I am writing a blog on CNN iReport. It's the same as my Dime For Your Thoughts column. Check it out here

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