Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Setting for next story

I’ve decided the setting for the book I’m writing “Double Homicide.” It will be Andover, OH. It is in NE Ohio right on the PA border and just a few miles west of Lake Pymatuning. Just a quiet town with a downtown square that resembles a western frontier town, quiet until a body shows up in the woods by the lake.
The reasoning for my choosing of this particular town was a lot to do with the lake. It’s a laid-back place and quiet. It’s perfect small town America. A perfect place for former detective turned western writer to live and write and run away from his past as a homicide detective. A short-handed sheriff asked for his help in an investigation, which uncovers an evil plot of a serial killer, and corrupt officials. His future collides with his past in this crime thriller. 

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