Saturday, January 5, 2013

New song and upcoming songs

An update on my musical endeavors. I just completed an alternative rock song called "Rock Star," now available for your listening pleasure on Reverb Nation. The song will be part of my rock album "Concrete Roses for Soft Hearts." This song won't be released as a single. The inspiration behind the song was pretty simple, every girl wants to be be their man's "rock star." What a perfect way to tell that special lady what she means to you... total rock star.

The next two songs in the works are also alternative songs with a blues piece in its beginning stages. The next song will be featuring Lola de Hanna (Chordslinger & Lola) on vocals again. She also sang on "Gray Tomorrow" and "Queen of Diamonds." This song is called "Waiting on You" and it's about waiting your whole life for that perfect person to come along. Lots of guitar, piano, and groovy flute solo cast behind Lola's seductive and mystical vocals. It's an upbeat song you can dance to. 

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