Saturday, April 25, 2015

Track 7 Gray Tommorrow

Track 7 Gray Tomorrow

Lola returns on vocals on this dark piano rock song with a unique violin solo. The song is about living with someone with depression. It turns from a minor to A major in the bridge as it turns from sadness to hope that there will be a day like when the relationship started when there were good times. This song can apply to a lot of mental illnesses but, as a writer, for me it was dealing with an alcoholic and depressed person.

Andrea Young comes in on violin and viola on this song. The strings come in at the solo and are present from then until the end of the song as if they are singing and pleading for better days. Andrea is another artist I hand picked after hearing her play a gig in Nashville. Though she is mostly a country violinist I thought she could also be a rock violinist and provide the unique sound that I ask of all musicians who collaborate with me. I think you'll agree she was the perfect choice for this solo providing the emotion I needed for this song. It's beautiful yet dark, it's sad yet hopeful. Andrea has also worked with me on some jazz music and we have some blues songs in the works. The next album “Lonely Band of Misfits” will have some more violin including an experimental violin in a metal song. Don't know if that will work out but I'm going to give it a try.

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