Sunday, April 19, 2015

Track 5 Full Moon

The next song on Concrete Roses for Soft Hearts is Track 5 Full Moon

Full Moon is the first of two metal tracks on the album. I was into hair bands growing up so this song was a delight to do. I also introduce my rough metal vocals on this song entirely different than the vocals done on any other song to this point. The record goes heavy once again before moving to a soft rock feel in the songs that follow. When I approached writing this song the first thing that came into my mind was how to write a song that Beavis and Butthead would get up in front of the TV and headbang to. The lyrics have to be about sex and there has to be screaming guitar licks in front of lots of distorted guitar. This is what I came up with! Huh hu huh hu.. That was cool! Yeah it rocks, it rocks yeah yeah. Jeff did all the guitars on this song and Wes McCraw did the drums offering up the perfect metal feel to it. The cherry on top was the cowbell. Horns Up!

Next up track 6 Hourglass

Also Last night I made an announcement about my next poetry book at my feature reading and if you weren't there you missed it. So making the announcement today on FB today. (drum roll) I was accepted for publication by The Poet's Haven and the book will be published later this year. As soon as we have a release date nailed down we'll let everyone know. It will be available online at the Poet's Haven boutique and if you catch one of my shows it will be on sale there or any Poet's Haven shows . After it's released of course. "Innocence Lost" is a look into the mind of an artist it's celebrating what makes an artist tick. For this reason Poet's Haven was the perfect choice when I decided to look for a publisher for this book. Vertigo, the owner of Poet's Haven, has done so much to support the poetry community over the years it was the perfect fit for this book. There will also be a new poetry album this year too. We are hoping to begin production on this June or July.

Lots of cool stuff coming your way folks, stay tuned

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