Friday, March 27, 2015

Natalie's Song

Leading up to the album release I'll discuss all 12 tracks, what inspired them, what we did in production, and much more.

Track 1: Natalie's Song

This track started the whole project on a summer day in Nashville in 2011. As an Artist I do many things from songwriting, composition, fiction writer, poet, etc. This song is where 2 of my artistic worlds come together. The idea for this song came from my 2nd novella “From My Heart to Yours.” Natalie is the lead character. Her Fiance Edward is a producer for a leading record label in Nashville and reconnects with a college friend while on a trip to his home city Seattle. The two become a couple and he asks her to marry him in their favorite park. When Natalie moves in with him in Nashville he writes a song for her, this song titled “Natalie's Song.” Those who have read the story will understand what the lyrics are all about. The song was fully recorded at Wilderside Studios in Nashville. Jeff Koval engineered the song and also played the acoustic part while I played bass, keys, piano, flute and vocals. Jeff programmed the drum tracks and I played the percussion. Because of their beginnings in Seattle we wanted the guitar to have that feel to it. The keys added an airy feel which is a signature sound for me. The flute also gave it an airy, dreamy feel but was meant to represent Natalie's beauty. The track ended up with a sort of 60s British pop feel to it which was unintended but with any song compositions, things just happen. Later on I wrote a poem titled “Do Not Disturb.” The poem was about how the song was first born in a hotel room. Next up the second track “Waiting on You” featuring Lola de Hanna. I'll discuss why I chose Lola as the female vocalist, what the instrumentation and key was, and what inspired that song.

Do Not Disturb
Sounds of flute and guitar resonate into the hallway
Do not disturb is on the doorway
A song is being born, just listen
Conceived by poetry and instrument

The cleaning crew waits outside listening intently as the song is constructed
First the chords on the guitar
The flute accompanying the melody
Before long a voice rings out, not quite perfect just yet, trying to find the right notes for the lyric
After a while it comes together and the lyric is molded into a beautiful melody
Percussion, electric guitar, and the bass will be added later but this song has been born

Afterward I go to remove the do not disturb sign and the crowd outside applauds at my effort, it's good to have fans even before the song is finished and I can't help but think how good it feels to create music

It is these moments it feels good to be alive and to live the life I was meant to live as a poet and musician

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