Saturday, April 3, 2010

Apple iPad

Today Apple released its iPad available at Apple retail stores across the US. It can also be ordered online here at the online Apple store. In addition to the new device Apple also has a book store called ibooks. I'm proud to announce my book Definitions is part of this store. In order to purchase the book you must download Apple reader and then go to the book store. From there the easiest thing to do is search "Timothy House Definitions" where you can purchase the book to read on your iPad. The Apple price is $3.99. Here's a better description of the store on Apple's web site. Now if you still prefer using or Barnes&Noble that's okay too, you're covered. The iPad, like the iPod, has Kindle for iPad, and also Barnes&Noble reader. The book is also available at both and Barnes&Noble.

The book is not all that I have available for you and your iPad. I also have my poetry in audio digital download. This is not an audio book but the poetry recorded to sound effects and music in a performance style. The CD (or digital download) has been critically acclaimed as widely entertaining. Tracks have been sold in over 19 countries. This isn't the same old boring poetry CD. You can purchase at iTunes here. Done yet? Hardly! More Apple stuff includes my "Timothy House App" which has updates, sample tracks, news, and tour dates. Timothy House App

The iPad is great for watching video, and in working with Apple we tested last years slide show "Akron in Autumn" on the iPad and it is spectacular on the device. With that being said I am currently in production of another slide show which will be a much wider geographical area, in fact it will include scenery from over 15 states in the springtime! The slide show will be available on PC also. Music from Joseph Lamm, The Fifth Wheel, Lollivox, and Arrested Development to go along with the scenery.

In addition to Definitions, all my upcoming books and recordings will be available on Apple's iBook, and iTunes as well as Amazon and Barnes&Noble. I have a number of projects that will be coming to market within the next year including my next book of poetry, "Apollo's Flame", my short novel "From My Heart to Yours" (only available in ebook form) and two novels I am working on with release dates to be determined. There will also be a CD production of Apollo's Flame which will be even bigger and more theatrical than Definitions is.

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