Saturday, December 4, 2010

New Cover art for Definitions and more

Hello everyone and I hope you're enjoying your holiday season. First thing I'd like to announce that Barnes and Noble is carrying the print version of "Apollo's Flame" with the nook version coming soon. Barnes and Noble is also now carrying the nook book "Love Notes" for just $.99.

People have told me they wanted to read a sample of my books before buying them and they can't do that online. Not true, there are many different ways in which you can sample, every retailer has a sample. Amazon has a "look inside" feature. This allows you to read a portion of the book. By default it shows about 40% of the book including the front and back cover. It also has a search feature. Kindle will allow you to download a sample to your device (Kindle, iPod, iPad, computer etc.). The Apple iBook store, Kobo, Smashwords, and others also allow you to download samples to your device. As with all ebook devices, if you like the book you can purchase it and keep reading. Barnes and noble doesn't have an "inside the book" feature yet but nook users can download a sample. Unique to Barnes and Noble; nook users can go into the store and read the book for free. Chill out in the cafe, have a coffee, and check out my books or any other ebook Barnes and Noble offers. Below are some links to my books on both Barnes and Noble and Amazon. feel free to check it out. The other cool thing that is in the works is an electronic library service which works much like music sites such as Rhapsody, Napster, Jango, and Pandora. These sites allow you to check out the book and read it. This is a pay service but is much cheaper than buying lots of books. I foresee the major retailers jumping onto this bandwagon soon enough.  

The last bit of news is the new cover for Definitions, my first book of poetry. The picture was taken in Ocean City when I was there to shoot the cover for "Love Notes". This is a sunset picture bay side. The book with the new cover should be available within a couple of weeks. I'm offering a special deal for those who have already purchased the original book. If you catch me at a poetry reading or book signing after the first of the year and you bring your first version of "Definitions" you will get a new copy for free and I'll sign them both.

Amazon look inside link Apollo's Flame
Amazon look inside link Definitions 
Amazon Kindle link Apollo's Flame
Amazon Kindle link Definitions
Amazon kindle link Love Notes
Amazon Kindle link Old Man and the Moon
Barnes and Noble nook link Love Notes
Barnes and Noble nook link Definitions
Barnes and Noble nook link Old Man and the Moon

Apollo's Flame is not yet available for nook, Apple iPad, Sony Reader, or Kobo but will be soon.

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