Wednesday, August 18, 2010


A couple of updates to discuss. First Old Man and the Moon is now available in the UK Kindle store. This story is only available on ebook format but will be part of the upcoming poetry book Apollo's Flame. If you don't like poetry that's not a problem either, I will have a book with just short stories and short novels coming too and this story will be it that book too. Both books will be in print and and ebook. The ebook forms will have special features including more visual art with the stories and poetry. The short Novel Love Notes will be available shortly on ebook also.

One of my final shows (for the meantime) will be Brunswick Art Works at Kelly's Cafe in Brunswick, OH on October 14th. I will be taking time to work on future projects such as the aforementioned books as well as writing songs and poetry with music behind it. The album for Apollo's Flame. Some of the tracks have been recorded and a couple of them will be available soon.

I will leave you with a couple of poems,

Pit in My Stomach

That pit in my stomach
chill down my spine
the memory of your whisper in my ear
that kiss on my lips
your soft hands caressing me

I reach for you and realize you are not there yet I feel you
but you are are like a living ghost and these feelings are really you deep inside my soul
drawing me near to you
when I say I can't get you out of my mind it's because you live deep inside
the piece of your heart that you gave to me
telling me you love me, guiding me back to your arms
giving me that pit in my stomach every time I think of you

Subway of Dreams

Waiting on that big thing to happen
it seems to have no end

It's like waiting for the subway to take you to dreams
it can take forever or so it seems

So as you sit there in that station shivering and cold
remember that patience is a commodity more valuable than gold

You want that train to be there now
sitting in the cold with that sour frown

That train never comes on time
and it sickens you to watch as the other trains go by

They whisk others off to their destination
but not you, you're still waiting for a chance to bask in the sun

What if I came by to keep you company
share a smile and a hot cup of coffee

Remind you that that train will be here sometime
it is almost never on time

So I will wait with you until it comes by
we will talk of the weather, of summer, and of apple pie

And when that train comes rolling down the track
I will walk you over and carry your pack

And as I watch you from the other side of the door
You say, " Thank You" and I wink and reply," baby, that's what I'm for"

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